Fee's and session's information

Dress comfortably in layered clothes, you will remain fully clothed lying on a padded massage table on your back, shoes off.

Reconnective Healing sessions last about 45 minutes. One to three sessions are normally suggested. The Reconnection consists of two sessions, generally between 30 and 45 minutes to an hour each, on consecutive or alternative days, no longer than 72 hours apart.

The Reconnection® is a two-session experience over consecutive days, once performed it is complete and need never be repeated. See The Reconnection® for more info.

Simply close your eyes and let go. Become the observer and the observed. Notice when you notice something. Notice when you notice nothing. Notice when you notice something again.

Allow yourself to experience the wonder of expectancy without any of the attachment of expectation. Trust that the care that is most appropriate for you is the one that you will receive. The Reconnection must be experienced in person.

The cost of Reconnexion® is universal, it is $333.00CD. (Cost for Reconnective Care® by the reconnexion® is set at 120.00 CAD per session.

Reconnective Care® sessions last about between 30 to 45 minutes).

Reconnective Care® 3 sessions (recommended)