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My name is Réjean Gaudreault

For several years Rejean was inspired by alternative medicine. He studied various therapeutic approaches including " N.L.P. and even became a Reiki Master. Rejean had his Reconnection in 2010 and noted his natural abilities growing stronger rapidly. At the beginning of 2010, he discovered The Reconnection and became a practitioner. He has practiced the work with a passion ever since because these frequencies have been the most powerful healing tools he has ever known.

Rejean Gaudreault is offering both Reconnective Care® sessions and The Reconnection® in Montreal area (Quebec, Canada) and Eastern Township. He speaks fluently French and English.

cell: 514 464 5806

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"There are many ways of looking at life, and how you interpret your place in the world depends on what you to believe. In order to empower your life, it is imperative that you understand your personal and collective beliefs. You are who you are, and you are where you are because of what you believe about yourself; no matter what you are experiencing, your beliefs form the underlying foundation to create these experiences".

Barbara Marciniak